Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Links: Something to Post About!

Hello ladies and gents! its been awhile since I have Written on here. Mostly it was because I got addicted to other things... and then I did links for St. Louis Gametime for a spell.

BUT that all has changed!

This morning I quit my Gametime link rat hood. It was a sad choice but being insulted doesn't fly with me so no more favors. So with that said I have decided to still do the links my way on my own time and on my own blog.

So welcome to RealBadRobot Weekly News Links 2.0! Pretty much I will be posting as much as I can about Hockey related news with my own commentary and personality thrown in. Comments and discussion are so welcome and encouraged!

now its time for Raggity Robot links!

CBA WATCH! 9 Days till a decision must be reached! 

Blues News: 

  • The Tank... I mean Vladi is here! (STLBlues)
  • AMac is feeling good and ready to go... so get this season started bitches! (NHL)
Hockey News:
  • The NHLPA is working to keep the season a float and still have time to negotiate past the September 15th deadline. (USAToday)
  • Ovie thinks the Owners are Stupid. (AOL.SportingNews)
Thanks for stoping by and taking a read!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

They Trials and Tribulations of No Hockey

So this weekend/last week have been really hard on me. A lot of things were brought back up that really made me realize how much of a void a summer with out hockey leaves in my life... but this summer has been very hard for me I don't quite get it. I am counting down the days for the next season... I am so excited I can hardly bear it...

Last summer I was able to obtain a Hockey fix quite easily every week as Max was back in the Chicago Area for the summer and was playing in the local men's league... needless to say his games and Rat hockey were a frequent event when I wasn't working or Babysitting for my aunt. They were obviously not NHL Caliber games but they were still fun... and I really do miss them... and Jerry's stories in the bar after the game... He always had a good one... I can't wait to add at least one to a script one day. But those were the days before I had a bed... This summer I am LUCKY to get a fix. Max was still in St. Louis for summer school and didn't have the most entertaining of men's leagues when I was down for a visit. Hockey has left a really big void in my life and I have been slowly losing touch with the hold I have had on old bottled up pain...

We shall see if these videos will help get me through till October....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Swear Count

In an Effort to Appease the great and wise king of all Donuts I must bring out the big guns...

Fuck, Shit, Cock, Motherfucker, Fucking, What the Bum Fuck Shit as bum fuck town is this!?

and the golden goose of the bunch...


I swore... Be happy.

COMMING SOON! The Late Summer "History Will Be Made By Your St. Louis Blues" Series!

So in my insomniac state I have decided that my new upcoming editing practice exercise will be a series of "History Will Be Made" videos... I have a few Ideas that I QUICKLY scribbled down as my head and eye balls started to pound subtly telling me:

"Hey you... Yeah You... Yeah you need to fucking sleep... like RIGHT now so lay The Fuck Down we are TIRED! bitch..."

For the record my head and eyes are such assholes... but my eyes make up for it cause they are just fucking awesome... cause they are GREEN bitches... and my head is okay to when its not getting in the way of doors or any other blunt object type things... So any way those will be coming soon like with in the next week. I am thinking a video a week should do the trick... pay attention bitches... oh and if you just want to be fucking lazy (I see you gametimers... you love me!) but I will be sending links to the Link rats and the video section of the links shall be made my Bitch... IT WILL HAPPEN!!!

Well my lovelies tis almost time for work...

Cheerio and stuff!

Monday, March 28, 2011

An Early Eulogy For My Beloved St. Louis Blues

Oh it is that wonderful time of year again where you can just smell the spring air and feel the wonderful breeze that it brings to clear away all the harshness that winter hath wrought. The great time when the battles of the regular season have taken their toll and the 16 playoff bound teams are starting to emerge. Oh what a wonderful time that is, if you aren’t a St. Louis Blues fan that is. To be a Blues fan you defiantly have to put up with some intense abuse. Often the Blues are called the “Cubs” of hockey. Almost there but seemingly always blowing it in the end. I myself LOVE my Blues. I would take a bullet for David “Inglorious” Backes or ward off some crazy teenage Fan girls from the T.J. Oshie… *Wink* *Wink*. But I am not blind when it comes to seeing that following this team often leads to heartache and disappointment, which again leads back to that evil comparison to the Cubs.